Saturday, January 3, 2009

Comment About That Which Peeves Me Greatly

Tonight I went to the Movies with my wife and ran into the situation that peeves me greatly. I was exiting the theater and held the door for some dude who was also leaving. I held the door, he walked through it, I was peeved. What was missing? Was it a gift? Was it a gift card from Best Buy? Was it a new cover for my cell phone? The answers are - No, no & no.

Although a gift from a stranger would have been nice, it is not what I expected. What I did expect however was a simple "Thank You" for holding the door. Once again I was let down by the absence of this simple gesture in return for my polite deed. I was not surprised by this situation, as it happens quite often.

I just don't f-ing get it! How can you just walk through an open door (held open for you) and not make a simple acknowledgement that you appreciate it. There are a few excuses I can examine that may justify the non-disclosure.

1.) You are distracted. - excusable in certain circumstances.
2.) You lost your voice. - excusable if you at least nod your head in a thankful manner.
3.) You had a stressful day, and are deep in thought on a serious matter. - excusable on a rare occasion.

In the case tonight, I could be a compassonate person and go with option #3. He was probably stressed out from a long day and was deep in contemplation about his sick Grandma, or money problems. I could go that route and know deep down inside everyone means well, and that everyone will try to do the right thing. I, however, am not going with the lame #3 excuse.

Tonight I will stick with the fact that some people in America (Colorado to be exact) are douche bags! Some people thrive on being rude because it make them feel good for some sick and twisted reason. I will stick with the fact that no matter how many times I sarcastically say, "Your Welcome" to someone who has walked their lazy ass through the door I am holding for them, they just don't get it. Some people never will get it. So this is a comment about that which peeves me. More to come. I hope you read this and "get it" and simply say thank you the next time someone holds the door for you. Unless of course you are in deep though about your credit card debt, in which case, I'll still think you are a douche bag.

Comment Added - You'd think I'd be more in tune with love after the movie I'd just seen, but there's that ego again.


  1. Oh man- I completely agree with this, I get IRRITATED as hell when people do this. A TO THE MEN.

  2. I have have the very same thought about the use of the phrase "thank you". Almost as troubling is the almost complete lack of use of the phase "excuse me." This strikes me as strange because it is not just from the younger generation. I also see this apperant lack of understanding of what to do if you would like someone to move for some reason or another from people of all ages.

    You touch on some of the same thoughts I have had about potential excuses. Distracted, otherwise occupied, and unable are the catagories that cover it. Only one of which do I think is acceptable.