Saturday, January 3, 2009

Toby & Me

Along the lines of movie time - We saw "Marley & Me" last night. This movie was a prolific commentary on "One Love." There is only one living thing that I know that truly practices "One Love" and his name is Toby.

Toby is my dog. He is a 7 year old lab just like the one in the movie. Just like the lab in the movie, Toby loves you unconditionally whether you are pissed off, sick, tired or moody. Whatever the case may be, there's Toby ready to practice "One Love."

Cynics may say that Toby is simply not smart enough to understand the complexities of human life, and therefore defaults to "dumb love." Regardless of his intellect Toby & Marley are poster children for this "One Love" concept.

Oddly enough, the "One Love" theme has been a major part of my life the past couple of days. My friend, who plays in a band, is a big huge fan of reggae music. He loves Bob Marley, and preaches about "One Love" constantly. It is a good theme for life and I agree with him, but the message never really hit me until I saw the movie.

There is so much hate and discontent in the world, and we see it on a daily basis. We are surrounded by it, we are engulfed by it, we are consumed by it. Hope awaits and I have seen a slight reversal.

There is a strong energy for "One Love" going on in the world right now, and every day I am seeing it. It is subtle, but the message strong. Whether it be a comment about how good Bob Marley's music is, the message at a church service, or the premise of a chick flick, the implication is the same. Perform "One Love" in your life and all's good.

Now... can we all do this everyday day? No we can't. Our egos are too strong, and our feelings of self, revenge and pity tend to cloud the "One Love" sky.

The one thing to take away from this is that the nasty, smelly dog laying in the corner has it right more often than not, and by digging to the roots of "One Love" and making it more a part of your everyday routine, maybe the world will get better one slobbery dog kiss at a time.


  1. I totally agree with you about the "One Love" concept, and that we should all actually try to follow it. I think we would all be happier, more positive people. Good enrty, you should keep it up, your good at it.

  2. We saw that movie night before last - Billie and I wept like puppies - so unconditional - love it.

  3. Good work baby! I'm proud of you!!!!!

  4. great pics!!!! very country side effect, love your outfit so chic and lovely!!!

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